Thursday, June 18, 2015

The worst part of online dating

Someone asked me today what the worst part of online dating for me is.

Those of you who have dabbled in this world of online dating know the annoying pain of being flaked on right before a date.  I read stories of people being flaked on like 7 times in a row? What?!?!?  I don’t care who you are: that shit smarts. Where are everyone’s manners?
Or you hit it off with a guy things are great and then one day you text him......He never responded.
And so it goes. Plans are made. More communication happens. Something goes awry. Perhaps too many Disney references? Perhaps he found his soul mate just the night before? Maybe the Cerebral Palsy  were a deal breaker….We’re never going to know and you realize  I will never speak to this guy again. THIS MAKES ME INSANE.
Now that we all have so many choices of potential dates just a few clicks away, I feel like sometimes we are careless with people. I say this because sometimes I catch myself being careless as well. Sometimes with so many profiles to choose from, online dating becomes a little bit more like Internet shopping and when people become products, everyone’s feelings end up getting hurt. I really think this dynamic of maybe-dates, date flakery, general shitty behavior and not keeping promises is the worst part of online dating. For real.
Another issue that comes with the flakery is that now, whenever I get a date on the books with someone, I am never entirely sure it will actually happen. As you can imagine, this takes some of the fun out of it. 
p.s. Why the hell does every single guy online either love to hike or rock climb? Every. Single. One.

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