Friday, June 12, 2015

The search is on

I revamped my profile (pretty happy with it) added some new photos and I am branching out to try and not be so hard on people and judge them purely on their profiles. 

I'm happy to report I have come across a lot of profiles where men call themselves Feminist, sadly non of them want to message me :( 

also a lot of guys say they don't want to have to make the first move and I usually always have the guy make the first move so I have even gone and been brave and sent some messages, only one has replied (out of 10) and well the conversations didn't go well. 

This is that world. Sad but true. 

I had a great conversation with a guy last night. He's just looking for friends but I thought hey he is cool I will be his friend and who knows where it could lead, friendship in a relationship is important. Well he deleted his profile. This happens much for that movie date.

Then there are just plan bad conversations, or having a great one only to realize him and you don't agree at all on things when you look and his quiz answers and there are guys that write mean things are just a dick about it.

Its hard out there, and this is all you have to do before you go on a date and well we all know from this blog how that can go.

There is also a lot of Polyamorous people on the dating site and while to each there own thats not for me. One guy talked to me for a bit last night and turns out he is and well I'm not, he finally said I would be okay with it if you are. Yeah of course you would I am completely invested in our one relationship while you go out and be with other women.

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