Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The joys of dating sites

As I mentioned before, Its a weird place being the disabled girl on the dating site because often you have to show and prove (well really in life right?) that you can do these things and sex is one of those things society doesn't think we can do so there is this part of you that feels you have to prove that but where does that cross the line?  I'm pretty sure though that  just sending sexy pictures of yourself to pretty much strangers is not how one goes about hitting it big in the love lottery.

A guys  hurry to sext is a major, MAJOR turn off. I mean, are guys that desperate for semi-nude pictures of almost strangers? Isn’t that what the Internet is for?

Don’t get me wrong - there are certain instances when sexting is great and appropriate and helps things along and is super fun and sassy. However, before you get sexy pictures of me or anything else sexually charged for that matter, I want to at least shake your hand and look you in the eye… Is this too much to ask?
I hit if off with this guy once and we had this crazy small world bonding experience and when we started talking about grabbing drinks he said "do you think you can handle me? '

*Like what in a like a hyper way* "What makes you think I couldn't handle you" 

"I have a large Penis" 

Because NO BRO. I’m a goddamn lady.
So to all the guys who have asked if I want to see a picture of their dick: 
  I absolutely do not want to see a picture of it. I have never, ever, EVER seen a dick pic where I was all, “oh shit, this is a really great dick pic.” They always seem weird or of poor quality, or you are wearing a stupid shirt, or your hand is in the way, or whatever. There is no Instagram filter that one could apply to make a picture of an average dick exciting to me. Not even lo-fi and I fucking love that filter.
What can I say, I like the element of surprise. 
So, sir, to answer your question: I’d like you to show me something substantive that accurately portrays what you are currently looking to get out of an online dating experience and why you think I’m the girl to do that job. In a creative, intriguing way, that speaks to your charismatic personality, of course.

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