Sunday, June 21, 2015

Safety is key

If you’re going on a solo trip or even for a walk alone at night, it’s a good idea to let a loved one know you’re safe (or possibly not). Kitestring is a simple webapp that checks up on you and sends a text message to your emergency contacts if you don’t respond by a designated time.

In terms of online dating best practices - it is always a good idea to let someone know when you are going to meet up with a new person. And, for obvious reasons, it’s always good to meet people in public places. I tend to tell a few of my friends the name of the person I am meeting, where she can find all our old conversations, where we are going, and what time I think we might be done. I always send her a text to let her know I have made it home ok or I haven’t made it home because I’m like, totally killing it and about to get naked and she doesn’t have to worry about me anymore. I also have a code word that I would send to various people. Also my friend and I have a app called Live Safe and you can see where people are on a map, You can do this from any state so I told my friend that if I send her the code word that I would then turn on my location on LiveSafe. I prefer having a community of people that know all the details (and hopefully my roommates will come running) to an app, but you know, not everyone has a great circle of friends like I do. 

So…. there’s an app for that.

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