Friday, June 5, 2015


Okcupid shows you when people view your profile, it can be a bit disappointing to see 75 took a look at you and was like "nah" but I think its good and I have talked about why here before. 

There was this one guy he messaged me forever ago and got mad when I didn't reply saying it took him a lot of courage to come on here and message me and I should at least reply to him. 

I am under no obligation to write you back and I don't expect people to write me back....I get that this sucks sometimes but suck it up.

First of all his profile is terrible its all jokes and terrible ones "I spend a lot of time thinking about your tits" He has hardly anything real and lacks a lot of stuff which means to me not a lot of effort has been put into his profile. We also disagree on 44% of things Okcupid says we got issues and clearly we do....thats there for a reason. I might of thought about giving him a chance....slim until he went off on me.

anyways like I said this was a year ago maybe?

So I go on just to see whose been checking me out (you can actually turn this feature off I really should) and who do I see...This asshole guy...STILL!!!

Is that what its going to take to get him to realize hey dude not interested and yeah I'm a bitch.

In other words its more messages wanting to go out right now. Um I have dealt with construction workers in my house all day, I am in Yoga pants and sweatshirt, I am about to take a nap (construction starts early) and then I plan on spending my night in watching the wedding ringer and Shrek the Musical.

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