Tuesday, June 9, 2015

painful conversations

They happen on dates they happen before dates. Here are some examples of conversations I am having right now:

Bachelor #1 lives in Sun Valley so I am not so sure this is going to work out.

We've mostly talked about how he only watches movies and breaking bad.

Now we have gotten to my favorite question: What do you like to do?

I hate this questions!!!! 

I like theatre, musicals, tattoos, learning new things,  reading, great conversations, Disney, Disneyland, Food, board games, games in general,  watching tv and movies, tea,  and I basically have a much longer list then this on my profile which you should of read. 

so I say lots of things and he says 

I mean what's something you really like. I really like watching horror movies but I also like cartoons and I really enjoy cooking.

to which I reply well its in my profile. 

Bachelor #2  so far is cool I mean he hasn't asked me my favorite food or anything yet

Bachelor #3

Isn't really giving me much to work with and I understand if you aren't very talkative online or in general but you gotta give me something!!

and last but not least there comes a time when someone will make you question something on your profile and make you wonder if you should change it.

message: I see your favorite color is blue so that is why I messaged you

Well thats interesting as I don't have a favorite color and when asked this he said I am wearing blue in all my profile photos. I guess I need to go take more photos wearing more colors.....

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