Friday, June 12, 2015

Lots of messages

The thing with Okcupid is the more you are on the more they show your face around the more messages you get....yeah so of course today I have gotten a few, and answers back from a few I sent messages to.

I started talking to this guy and we have a ton in common and we started talking about musicals. When I told him I was listening to the fun home soundtrack nonstop he said he believes you should wait for a show before listening, and I though *sigh* this is why I don't date guys who I have so much in common with but he then tells me he just moved from New York and so he has yet to know the pain of NOT being able to get tickets to Book of Mormon or have to wait for a tour to come through.

He asked me out so I will continue to let you know how that goes.

Now with online dating you do have to watch for Scammers and fakes but the signs are all there. Have you ever watched the tv show catfish, if not do IT! My mom was in a relationship with a guy who lied the whole time and they talked for a good year and she fell for him, turns out it was someone trying to scam her for took her a long time to get over it and she did all of her power to stop the guy she even found the solider to let him know what happened and I think part of her hoped they would fall in love.....its a terrible terrible thing.

The guy I saw today (and promptly reported) had two photos and could of been different people. His profile only said that he liked to hang out with friends and Family which he again mentioned in his email to me along with his age.

I said I liked the same but that my family was in Washington state so I didn't spend as much time with them as I would like to.

He said I also have family in Washington State

I said Oh where

He said

Near the airport


Be safe kids

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