Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Getting your hopes up.

You come across a profile of a guy that loves Musicals and Disneyland and you get pretty excited until he becomes a jerk and competitive (although learning about Theartre around the area is a plus from talking to him)

Okay so there was musical guy and he made snarky comments about Musicals and all was forgiven I was more annoyed by the fact at this whole I am going to act like I don't care and only write to you after an hour (I hate that)
So he said he wanted to grab a cocktail and I should find a place near me so I said okay and I look into this one place that sounds good but they do a special dinner (Like $15 dollars and you get 3 course planned out meal and wine) so I didn't know if that effected the bar so I said we could do the alcove.
He said "I don't want to commit to dinner, how often do you go to Disneyland"
This was his answer. What does that confirm? Nothing. We chatted about Disneyland and then I haven't heard from him till an hour from our "planned" Monday date and its my fault.
When he messaged me (I am working on being more honest with dudes) I said look I hadn't heard from you so I thought you weren't interested. Do you want to reschedule.
He's like I guess, and I guess I should of messaged you sooner.

In other news I signed up on another dating site.

Dating a fireman would really add some much needed sense of adventure to my list. Plus who hasn't thought about dating a hot fireman? 

Sadly though the site sucks they make you fill out a dumb personality quiz upload one photo and thats it. I'm supposed to find a matched based on my looks and science......uh? 

For now I guess I will keep trying and all else fails there is always pizza 

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