Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I like making new friends sure, would I go about it through Okcupid. No.

Certainly there are people who approach the online dating scene open to finding new friends. That is great for them. That is not why I am here. I’m here to potentially start up a long term relationship.

I understand that a first meeting with someone you have “met” online can sometimes go very poorly. I understand that rejection hurts. I understand that putting yourself out there is difficult. I really do get it.
That being said, I want you to suck it up and ask me out on a proper goddamn date.

It shows that you have moxie and a certain level of confidence that is really quite appealing.

you want to immediately win  me over and make me feel all fluttery and excited which, unfortunately, is something I rarely feel these days regarding potentially meeting someone from online? 

 straight up ask me if you could take me on a date.
That is all.
Don't ask to hang out. Don't ask to grab coffee. Don't send a  sexy picture.  Don't even ask what my schedule looked like or if I party on school nights just asked me if you  could take me on a date.
By saying the word “date” there is no muddled confusion about intention. 
I understand that not all guys think this is a good approach for online dating (or dating in general My roommate but I don't want to date my roommate so why am I listening to him) because they’ve been burned by bad experiences before and reserve the actual proper date for a second interaction. That’s all fine and good if you want to play it that close to the vest. Just know that I have absolutely judged you on what I perceive is your lack of ability to be emotionally vulnerable. Can we get past that? Absolutely. Have you totally knocked my socks of with your first impression? Nope. Am I being too picky? Maybe. 
Bold clarity of intention is totally a winning method if you wanna win a gal like me. And I am learning it is very rare.

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