Saturday, May 16, 2015

What the heck May?

May seems to be a pretty hard month for a lot of people I know (a friend might lose his apartment because they just moved there and his dog is barking because its getting used to it and then a week later he lost his job) those kinds of things. Its also been a rough month for me and I've had to sadly cancel some plans.

I had made plans for a friends Birthday back in January that I would throw her a birthday party and she also wanted to go to the grand opening of the 60th anniversary of Disneyland, of course I would do all these amazing things!! Only then may happened. We had this crazy house guest in my house and my roommate was gone for a month and just got back and another roommate is going through a lot, just not a good time to throw someone a birthday party. Now with Disneyland I no longer have my pass so I would have to drop a good $150 dollars or more. When I have to buy a new phone soon and other stuff that has come up. She hates me now and I am terrible friend. I get it.

Which got me thinking. Life happens and sometimes it sucks and so maybe that is just what is happening to this guy right? maybe I should cut him some slack?

Till I got to thinking again and well......NO!!

The things I am being asked are some big things to undertake on. They were things I promised to do months ago (and yes I am still horrible for it not working out) but I didn't know my house was going to be crazy, I didn't know my phone was going to die!

If she wanted  a birthday cake, dinner, or anything small. Done you got it.

Which is all I am asking from this person. Coffee, Dinner, a little of your time!!!

Plus you were looking for this in your life. I get it life hits you sometimes. Last year I made the choice not to actively pursue dating because I wanted to get my shit together (of course if someone came along you can't plan these things but anyways....) he actively pursued me. In a short period of time he said yes I can do this and then clearly didn't make that happen, I wasn't asking for grand gestures or a trip to Disneyland, I was asking you to show me that I am worth your time.

and on that note dear readers I hope your May is going much better, I think this month just has some bad JuJu and if thats the case two more weeks and fingers crossed it all goes better in June.

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