Thursday, May 7, 2015

Third time not the charm

Well he cancelled on me again sadly this time after I spent 3 hours of my time getting ready, although a blessing I was just getting to makeup. I feel so done like I can't keep waiting around for him. This is like the last relationship I was in and if he can't make time for someone he likes how is he going to make time for a relationship. I did do some research online to see if this is my anger talking and the tears and here is what I found:

My friend Danielle always says that "busy is bunk." There are exceptions to that rule, of course (sometimes people are really, really busy), but no one is that busy. He should have made more of an effort, for sure.
Let's not call anyone "great" until they've shown up at least three times in a row. You deserve that. You're not overreacting.

A person called Sasquatch online says:canceling happens; life gets in the way, things come up, etc. That's just how the world is.
I don't know if I trust a guy who is modeled after a character that most of time hides away from people anyways....but maybe......

I'm  feeling a bit disheartened by all the chopping and changing of plans as it seems to be becoming a habit, and its starting to get to me. Today I declined fan offer to meet up with someone in Downtown Disney  when you're supposed to be meeting him - and then when he cancels - I'm left in limbo with nothing to do. 

After all, do I really want a long term partner who can't even commit to a cup of coffee?

My life is a constant battle between “if it’s meant to be it will be” and “if you want it go get it”

Now onto the saddest part. 

Because I am choosing to not lower my standards. Choosing to pick someone that deems me worthy of making time for. Choosing to not go down the path that was pretty much my last relationship I have to give up on what brief dream I had of meeting a great guy (he could braid hair guys) but a much larger dream of mine. The Magic Castle. 

I was so excited to go and see this place from the eyes of someone that works there, that calls it his home. 

I used to imagine my future with him but also a really cool future of hanging out here. 

You know what sucks about ending things with someone is that you have to take a break from the reminders which means I am going to have to take a break from magic stuff till I can heal. Which weirdly is everywhere. I just heard a reference in an episode of friends. 

I was so excited about going to this magical place I had some gifs saved to describe my experience because I knew in my heart it would be amazing so let me share those now. 

I'm sure they would all fit. Now I think I am going to watch house of cards (there is no magic in that show just cold blooded killing and heartbreak)  and eat all of my ice cream 

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