Thursday, May 14, 2015

There is this annoying thing

When its become clear you have to move on from a person or a relationship ends I swear you see things that remind you of them EVERYWHERE. My friend Julie says its because its on your mind but I guess that makes sense but I'm not even trying what are odds that every movie and even Friends episode (a show I was watching before we talked) will start having Magic and sex in a Library in it? 

I mean and lets face it at least with the first one I thought that was cool but was it really present in all these things in my life no. 

So can we really say that its all just my brain? 

and I swear it just pops up out of nowhere, like a friend never mentioning magic in her life is now excited about a magic show on SYFY and post it on facebook! 

Sometimes you have to take a break from things so you can move on. 

It also works the other way like I always enjoyed the fact that anytime something Disney Popped up my EX was thinking about me or that he worked near a large billboard of a guy that had a very similar name to mine :) 

Magic is still cool in my book I just think I need to avoid it for a couple weeks. 

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