Tuesday, May 19, 2015


1. I usually wait for them outside but this would be nice. You don't have to walk me to the door I don't to be kissing on the doorstep and have one of my roommates come out (just sayin)

2.  I always dress pretty nice. The one time I didn't was the one time he dressed in a suit, for a breakfast date at 10 am. Usually its me in my little black dress and heels and him in a cargo shorts and a plaid shirt (they all wear plaid shirts can someone tell me why that is? Even suit guy plaid under his suit)

3.  Hahaha I actually do this. I have baked cookies which hasn't always gone over well, I know there was more but the last one he was saying to me before the date that he buys too many nerdy T-shirts and doesn't have enough hangers and I had happened to have a extra Ikea Closet self thing and I gave it to him....He had no idea what it was till days later but he thought it was awesome. Yeah I'm a dork.

4.  I like to dance but I doubt this will happen till we really get to know each other.

5.  Please! I have actually made friends with people from dating sites and I have had some run ins that became very scary because I didn't think they were that interested. Its very confusing please make it clear.

6.  I've been strung along too many times. Please please please do this one!

7.  Well you know I think its all about the little things more. Example: I was dating a guy who was a single dad and a marine and I moved in to help him when his wife just up and left. I slept in the little girls room with her (it was the most complicated relationship in the history of the world) There was this great 24 hour diner walking distance from our house and I would hang out there every night with his best friend and just talk. One night while running out of the house I noticed the daughter had turned my bed into a fort but as in The mattresses were turned over and everything looked like a tornado had hit it. As I walked out I said "Emma's messed up my bed but its cool I will take care of it when I get back" When I walked back in my bed was made perfectly and it hit me with this wave of love for this man. Its the little things. I had had a long day and even though I had said I would take care of the bed he did it for me and it meant more to me and all the little things he did then if he ever wrote me a poem.

8. Most of my dates have done this. The worst date I ever went on I was on my phone the whole time. Its a good sign if someone is doing this they aren't interested.

9. After I watched Frozen for the first time and I saw that kiss I said to my mom "thats how it should be" 

This will also help prevent me having to do that awkward dogging of a kiss I don't want. Course then it leads to an awkward conversation......been there......dating is hard.

10. NEVER!!!!! 

So what do you say peeps lets bring this back!! 

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