Saturday, May 16, 2015

Its a weird thing to me that guys care so much about what a women does with her body.

When I was in high school  I did theatre and I remember all the theatre guys (the ones of course I wanted to date) saying they hated short hair on girls and only like long hair. 

When I donated my hair to locks of love a year later I actually cried because I thought boys won't date me now.

Then I went off to college and thought you don't like my short hair

but I would be lying that something guys said when I was a Freshmen in high school hasn't stuck with me. 

But its not just hair either, the guy I liked in High School didn't like Disney so I stopped wearing my vintage t shirts and talking about it so much.....ha this was actually what caused the end of us because he said he would never go to Disneyland with me, years later he said he would and that he was wrong. 

I had an ex that hated girls in Jeans and T shirts so here I was dressing to the nines for him every time (I felt overdressed at many a nerdy board game night let me tell ya) What made it worse for me is I had to put so much effort and he never told me I looked nice.

I had an ex that didn't want me to wear lipstick (but I like too) he also said he wouldn't touch me if I didn't shave my legs. Why was I sad when we broke up for so long? 

What I don't get is why guys care? 

Why do you care what color I paint my nails? Its my head and hair I have to deal with, its actually quite thick and I have to cut it so I don't get headaches. 

aren't you supposed to like me for my mad board game skills and that we can talk about anything. 

I don't really care what you wear and I'm not going to tell you what to wear. I don't have a preference for men's hair cuts (well I do have this one thing but I don't think that counts) Why should you care that when we grab coffee I have a nice pair of jeans and my favorite Mickey Mouse shirt? 

aren't you supposed to like me for me not what you want me to be for you? 

and the problem is with those past boyfriends it became natural for me to ask "what do you want me to look like, wear, blah blah blah" and on a date when he said I don't care. I thought YES! that is how its supposed to be!! I like me for me, I don't care what you think and if you really aren't going to date me for my hair length, red lipstick, or my skinny jeans....Well you're missing out because I'm pretty awesome!!

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