Thursday, May 28, 2015

Instant gratification

I have been waiting to go back to online dating till after my hair cut (its best to have updated photos and such) I got a message today and its been two months so I thought what the heck. Turns out we like the same football team and had some crazy things in common. Then he asked how quickly I like to move on the site and I said I am kinda old fashioned and he said:

I typically move pretty fast too. Nothing crazy, but grab drinks and see how it goes... if it goes well, take things home and see how we fare there. =]

I will be real with you and say this has happened on a date, I will also be real with you and tell you if I knew this was planned out beforehand I would of said no. 

I feel like a very old fashioned girl when it comes to dating I want to be asked out on a Monday for a date on Friday, I want a natural progression to come out of things not a sleazy plan. I remember asking my aunt about this and she said we live in a world where people want instant gratification.

I feel like I am goldilocks of dating I don't want the fast guy and well as we all know I don't want the guy that leaves me hanging for two months, I need it just right. 

 thats why its called Mister right BOOM 

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