Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I am starting to think online dating is harder

While yes I have often said its how its done now on this blog I don't think that means its easier. I think it seems easier.

First there is the "are you sure this guy is telling the truth"  No this can happen in real life. But there is no photo shopped photos or any of that sort of thing when it comes to meeting face to face for the first time. Also some people tend to google dates before meeting and this is a terrible idea and messes with your head. Don't do that. 

internet dating isn't really comparable to real life dating, Internet dating seems fast seems part of the I want it now that we have all come accustom to. You are answering things and sharing things you wouldn't on a first date over a email or a text because in real life you might be all over each other, but also going to restaurants and watching TV together and therefore forced to discuss other things and actually get to know each other. I think a lot of times people are looking for instant gratification like I am going to start treating you like we're dating when we haven't even met yet and really thats just setting everyone up for heartbreak. As much as I would like to say I won't break your heart maybe we won't translate in real life. 

I generally think it's a bad idea to get over invested before you actually meet in person, and sometimes thats hard I am finding myself in that place now because you talk and you get to know each other and it seems great but really its bad, because you have no idea how that's going to translate to real life. At the moment what was a date I was excited for has now made me dubious both about how invested he claims to be in me, and how invested  I should be in him. We  sort of know each other, but not really.

The first date excitement has turned into well now I just have to get this over with and see what happens. 

I’ve been trying the online dating thing, but I’m an outgoing person, so I always imagined meeting someone naturally. I guess I just thought one day someone would sit next to me and strike up a conversation. If somebody walked up to me right now and said, ‘Let’s go explore,’ I’d totally be down for that.

I have heard from a lot of people when I mention online dating say "I met my boyfriend on there, but it took a lot of bad dates" I should tell those people they keep me going. 

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