Friday, May 15, 2015

Don't Pigeonhole me, I'm infinite.

The one thing that annoys me about dating is I think guys try and figure you out right away, is this the girl that has fit the fantasy I have built in my head. 

I am not a puzzle to be solved.
I am someone to be experienced-
a soul to be tasted. 

I mean I can't possibly love to drink large amounts of soda and grow my own vegetables, love a sense of vintage and modern, and listen to heavy metal and classical.

Those guys  who place women in pigeonholes are usually placing them into  a sexist  category, weather they mean to or not. 

Well I say: 

also when you are first getting to know someone this can put a lot of stress on you and take away what should be fun. Will I be judged for watching Sex in the City, where will that place me or what will he think of my bunny quilt on my bed I have had since I was 9 on my bed if he comes back to my place? (I sleep with it in the summer its nice and cool and for the record I am shopping for new summer bedding) 

We think about where we are going to be pingeonholed with everything we do on the date from what we order to what we wear and it just keeps getting worse. 

He text you do you want me to come over and you really want to say yes but, the incessant chant in my head of BE CHILL, BE CHILL YOU CRAZY, NEEDY HAG, IF YOU SAY YES YOU'LL NEVER HEAR FROM HIM AGAIN!! 

What is worse about this is that I think I pushed away a lot of great guys because I thought I don't want them to think of me as this one way, and it was sort of a defensive move to say things like "Maybe we should do something for Valentine's Day, but I mean, never mind, we don't have to. I'm not one of those girls who's, like, obsessed with Valentine's Day. … We could just do something super low-key, like go to a cheap restaurant or roll around in garbage or whatever, haha, or you know you might already have plans" Which then makes them think you aren't interested. 

Truth be told I am sort of bad at the getting to know you part because they want to nail you down and figure you out but I like so many things, I'm much better at telling you what I don't like, I do like comic books and beer. I also like Wine and a classic novel (I will actually read anything) I like deep conversations and wars with nerf guns (or swords or anything really) I like to dance but sometimes I just want to lay on the floor and really listen to a song. 

 I'm a woman who is strongly independent, who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to admit that that includes some goddamn chivalry."

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