Thursday, May 14, 2015

Being Stood up

Let me tell you sucks. You know what though that is all on them, because you were there, you showed up! Usually when this happens there is someone around me I can tell and they've never said oh its totally you, its always man he sucks and lets get you some ice cream!

You know what is good to do in these situations or in general: Date yourself.

I used to hate doing things by myself but you know what happens when I do? I meet people. People are more willing to strike up a conversation with you. I have made great friends, connections and even found a guy to give me my next tattoo. I always carry a book and notepad with me as something to do when sitting at a coffee shop or something.

and as for an update on the post yesterday: I have been thinking and I hate him. I hate that on facebook he's always going to these events but yet can't meet me for coffee. I hate that he only seems to text me when he's drunk. I hate that it seems like we would have so much in common and get along great but clearly that is not his motives here. I hate that he wasted a month of my time. I hate that he got my hopes up. 

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