Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Well Guys.....

Well guys tomorrow is the big date!! I'm excited and a bit nervous but mostly excited. When you really love spending time talking to someone is so nice to see the person behind the screen and you just hope it goes as well in person. I expressed this a bit with him last night that we never know what will happen and he said he is certain we're going to get along fine. I really hope so.

I've spent the week doing beauty things so  I will feel good. Getting outfit advice from friends and making a plan. We've been talking a lot this week and the more I get to know I really like him so I am excited.

I tried to do research for how to get a second date. Weirdly there is more advice for the guy.....clearly we're hard to nail down. I actually should of read it to see what it said. What I found for us Ladies I pretty much do on dates already and clearly hasn't always helped so. You know what I am going to go on this with the hopes to just have a good time and see where it goes.

I did for a brief moment consider voodoo but I thinking I want to make sure someone smells good and doesn't chew with his mouth open before I tie my soul to his forever.

Funny story I did simple voodoo on my high school crush and one was to make a voodoo box. My friend Jamie found it one day in my room and I think I heard for weeks "YOU HAVE A VOODOO BOX!!"

Looking back I think it actually helped a little but its not like it was attaching his soul to mine for life so.....

anyways guys if you could send me good vibes, pray, do a spiritual date dance, keep your fingers crossed or whatever it is you do please send a little my way.

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