Saturday, April 11, 2015

This is worse then a breakup....

You guys I'm not going to the magic castle.

I got the I got called into work I hate to do this can we reschedule when I get back from blah blah blah text.

Of course I said sure no problem when are you getting back, not till next week.......

I'm still holding onto the hope of two things:

Maybe since we already planned a date to the magic castle he wants to make sure his schedule is free for a whole magical experience, I mean because hello going for a drink after being invited to the magic castle is a bit of a let down date.

Number two thing I am holding onto is he added me on facebook which typically I would call the kiss of death but how awkward is it if he just adds me and we never met? Right? so even if we become friends then I can still get in!

I hope......

and he actually was the most hopeful date I have had in while. We have a ton in common. We read the same books, I don't think I have ever been able to say that about a date!

I'm really scared I'm never going to hear from him after this

 A friend is coming over tomorrow instead and I kind just want to do this tomorrow:

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