Thursday, April 2, 2015

The one that got me thinking

This guy messaged me online and was clearly the out doors type but you know maybe that is what I need. These city boys didn't care about the beach or renting a cabin somewhere.

we talked for a good month on the phone and some things he was into I wasn't sure if I could be into them also.

First date we went to look at stars which he was really into and I was willing to learn but wow whole new level. He was really awkward and I didn't know if it was first date awkward or this is my life awkward. We went to dinner and it was nice and he said he would like to see me again. 

Date number two we grabbed drinks.
If you go to the Library Bar because you like books and booze don't 
if you want to be tipsy and make out with someone in a dark corner its your place! 

Speaking of making out it was totally my mission to get him to make out with sometimes a girl just wants to make out 

Victory Was MINE!! 

but some things came out like he hates people like if I had a party he wasn't coming. 

I am a very social person I need to stop dating the anti-social. 

he also told me I shouldn't take medication and well some other stuff 

I was pretty sure it wasn't going to work out. 

Then enter Valentines day

He's a big hockey fan and had scored free tickets 

Okay I wanted to go to a hockey game!! 

We went it was fun but I was still unsure about him. 

The one thing I did think was every disabled person if getting serious about someone should go on a crazy super public venue date like this!!
People everywhere staring. People asking if you need help or a wheelchair (if you are not already in one) I am perfectly capable of doing 4 stairs they had to our section and I understand not everyone is hence there is the lift but for the worker to question me about why I didn't want to use the list is a little un-called for. 

I think its a good glimpse into this world and what comes with it and if the guy can handle it. 

I once had a kid shouting "what's wrong with that girl" at me on a date but I didn't realize it was at me otherwise I would stop and explain like I do but my date did and he felt uncomfortable. He also hated Breakfast food so he makes me uncomfortable. 

Then our conversations following led me to the answer he was just looking for someone to go hiking with all the time!! and wouldn't go to a theme park with me or a musical, or my birthday party. 

I had to hear you go on and on and on about Hockey, Mountains, and Stars which I cared about because you did you can't even handle that I make a reference to my favorite movie

You know what I realized about guys through this a couple of things 


They  have this image of the perfect girl in their head and they must have that instead of realizing getting to know someone could be better than you ever imagined 


They like to put you in a box, you must fit here. Listen buddies I don't define myself to one thing you shouldn't either! 


Go luck to you out there but you are not the type of guy I want to date. 

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