Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Middle School Date

I went on one date in middle school and it was terrible and he was terrible. Two days later he broke up with me because 

"its not cool to date someone with a disability but its cool to be friends with them" 

I think this stuck with people all through high school as well so I didn't have that teenage love 

but I got to see what it was like when I was 28. 

Middle school dating is hilarious by the way its one of my favorite things to watch as a teacher. 

anyways. A guy asked me out and we went for Thai and decided we should do more, I suggested the aquarium but he didn't want to pay (and I offered but he said no) so then we went where all middle schools went on a date. 

Where we walked around and he made very childish remarks and probably spent about as much as he would have if say we had gone and done something like the aquarium!!! 

We sat at one point and he asked to hold my hand 

yep he held it like a middle schooler cupped and a whole lotta space there. 

I also think he had adhd or something because he had to constantly be moving only we were making circles around the mall, gee if only someone had thought of an activity for us to do like bowling or I don't know go to the aquarium!!! 

Then we sit down again and have coffee and Ice Cream and he confesses he hasn't dated much and then ask if I would be willing to take his virginity. 

after hitting up a used book store we called this date to and end.

Ironically enough he thought I might be catfishing him so I had sent him all my social media sites so he still follows me on twitter and instagram which is very awkward.

In some ways I feel bad for him and wish I could help but I don't think I am that person.

I wish you the best and thanks for letting me experience a middle school date.

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