Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The guy who clearly hated happiness

i am a pretty happy girl. Down for anything ready for adventure at a moments notice.

about a year ago I stared talking to this guy and we talked for a good amount before hand and it was nice and then decided to meet up. He was an ex-Navy person and liked Beer so I picked a Brewery near by (I had hopes it would go so well we would of been there when the fire pits were turned on but he did live pretty far from me)

We had our beer and salads.

1st topic: he was going to school for theatre and film. I am a big fan of musicals. He hates all musicals, Fine you don't have to enjoy musicals with me. also side note there is a broad range of musicals there is a musical for everyone my friends. anyways I  have friends to do that you can go do whatever man stuff you want to do and I will be here dancing to musicals.

also if you do like musicals I should suggest don't make out with them on (my itunes on shuffle) Things get weird 

2nd topic : He hated the Titanic, fine. I was currently reading Tina Fey's Bossy Pants (read it) and she has a whole chapter about how on a cruise with her husband they almost had to board lifeboats and how the separate men and women still.

Me at the thought of this: I am on a cruise with my husband in a already freaked out state of mind and the one thing I have for comfort you are going to take away from me.

Mr. Let me tell you about Ships protocol: Bad things happen when you put men and women together in a boat.

Why are they letting creepers on a cruise ship, why don't we change that?

3rd Topic: Breakfast food. We've all had that thought of the morning after when we wake up and head into the kitchen in one of his shirts while he is asleep to make him breakfast, or maybe you want him to bring you breakfast but you know there is breakfast involved. Somehow we start talking about this and I say

Me: "what would you want me to make you for breakfast"
Navy: "I hate breakfast"
Me: "all breakfast"
Navy: "yeah"
Me: "okay what if its not in the morning like what is your favorite breakfast food?"
Navy: "I don't like Breakfast food"
Me: "How is that possible"
Navy: "I guess if you have to bring me fruit and yogurt"

*I am swooning from the romance*

I spoke to several friends after who said they don't always eat breakfast but enjoy the food.
or on a normal day would eat a light breakfast
Or people who don't eat first thing in the morning

all of them said if I made them Waffles, bacon and Eggs would eat them!!

3rd Topic: 

I like Disney. He apparently doesn't.

Things went down hill very quickly after that.

and well a few days later he texted saying I lived to far away. 

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