Friday, April 10, 2015

The dangers of texting and the joys of being blissfully unaware.

I've been super excited for my date on Sunday. I know how I am going to do my hair, makeup, going to get there, and wear (even though I am nervous because mother nature is visiting soonish most likely on the date, really need to think about getting Thinx). Our texting conversations have been great and we have a ton in common.

Then at 1am this morning I got 3 text from him one saying he had a lovely time finally meeting in person and couldn't wait to have dinner 


I'm so sorry that was meant for my agent. 

Then to confirm 

I got a new agent. 

I texted my aunt first thing to ask if that is something you would send to an agent and we both agreed for sure sounds like something you would send to another lady friend.

Now with dating its common to date more then one person at a time. I've done this. But the thing with that once you've gone on a great date the rest close to it don't really compare and you really need to see where its headed with great date. My aunt once had a guy cancel a date to watch a big game and then he sent her a text saying "take your time hon I ordered you red wine" to which she answered have fun with that and he said its not what you think and then tried to date her again two weeks later.

I don't want to know you are dating other people. I for sure don't want to get her text messages. I want to be blissfully aware I want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world!!

Yes that's a song!

Now I'm still going on the date because I am looking forward to it but knowing I feel like this wall has to be put up and I can't let him all way in because he might choose this other girl, I also don't want to feel like I am being compared to someone else the whole night, maybe I will just go into this like we are friends having a wonderful time.

Word of advice careful who you text. Looking out for you because I love you!!

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