Friday, April 3, 2015


This is my face every time I log onto okcupid lately.

Inbox: Dude who is 38 but looks 48 and clearly can't see I don't date his age group.
Long message about how he's a music composer
asking about how my cerebral palsy makes me feel, what it effects exactly, and while I posted about doing amazing things like rock climbing and being in Mosh Pits he wants to know what my day to day life is like.

I will gladly answer any question when it comes to my disability or most likely anything really but how does it make me feel? are you a therapist? 

Honestly for the most part its there and I don't really think about it to often till something happens to smack me in the face like oh disabled people aren't allowed in haunted houses and that was my only plans for Halloween then sure I get sad about it but then I usually move on because 

The thing is I don't really know any different. Sure I can dream what it would be like to be a runner but then again who really wants to be a runner? 

what it effects I think is better served as we go along and you may be friend with me for years and not even know 

One of my ex's knew I choked all the time. I hated eating in front of people. Things like that but unless you know me REALLY know me I am not just going to tell you that. 

I basically summed it up to this: imagine you broke your leg and have to walk with two canes and the challenges you would face doing that, thats me everyday. 

I also added that I shower on my own and 

Not that its not okay if you do need help with that its just that because when your disabled it really seems like everyone thinks that is how your life is and thats what it comes down to when you are disabled with these questions.

I only really talked to the guy because he was a composer and that seemed interesting but once he started sending me links to pieces he composed at 22 and asking to see pictures of my tattoo I was done. 

Then you have the guy who wants to give you a massage he has a table and everything and there is always my favorite starter message 

"hey what are you doing?" 

I am starting to think I don't need a guy if this is my choices and I am going to take a break for awhile and just wait for someone good to come along. 

Oh the joys of (online) dating! 

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