Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pressure is on

After a lot of waiting and moment last night where I thought maybe this guy and I aren't going to meet (it happens) at 3 am this morning we set a date. For Drinks on Thursday......which means since the end result with this guy was to get to magic castle at least I have to figure out how to secure a 2nd date.....which is rare in the dating world of me. While the pressure is on to finally meet a great guy its just sky rocketed.

We have a lot in common so hopefully this translates to the date. Text have been great but if I have learned anything from my bad dates this is not an indicator. I'm not to worried about that though I can totally give a guy a few chances. What scares me deep down to my core in this moment is its going to go great and then I never hear from him......magic castle.....eeeee

Do I need to start studying how to be a perfect date? Normally I would feel,1st date  Forget about whats going to happen and just have fun and let your playful side show. But we're already past that like him saying he wants to kiss me and the picking a place near my house and asking if I have roommates....Sure this could be getting to know you could also be a booty call, and if things lead there does that for sure mean no second date!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

Post my breakup 2 years ago i watched this blind date matchmaker dating show and wrote down all the notes the matchmakers had to learn from. This show was cancelled but now might be a good time to review them all. 

dating notes 
Feel confident and sexy. Be Sexy. Think Sexy. Don't say things like Fart. 
Don't be nervous. 
Only say things sexy. essential, and from the heart. 
No insecurity. 
Let him feel like a man. Take his Jacket, Let him do things, Don't fight him on it. 
Don't think about yourself
Figure out how to connect physically if you have a connection.
Don't start drama. Don't get down. Don't feel awkward. 
When times are hard be supportive. When things are bad still be happy. 
Get along with everyone and stay cool. 
Figure out how to give off a sexy vibe.
Own your standards.
Open up and let them in. 
Be cool and don't seem like they need to take care of me. 
Don't prove yourself to men let men prove themselves to you.
Step out of your comfort zone. Don't worry about anyone else. 
Don't share everything. Once a guy figures everything out about you he's done. 
 Find a man of character
Take compliments 
If you don't get what you want make it better not worse. 
No potty talk.

(yeah okay list your right)

Stand next to him touch his back if feeling a connection. 
Notice when things make someone uncomfortable. 
Be able to compromise
Take them in with your eyes and be present. 
You can ask for contact. You can make the first move. 
You can direct your conversation to the person they are talking to while touching back. Building a slow connection, like at party or group setting. 
You can have your excuses or you can have the guy you can't have both. 
have a sense of certainty and know what you want. 
Gotta let the guy lead. 
Be playful keep up tension. Create a secret hand shake, Being really happy and playful, Secret hand shake with a kiss ;) 
Be buddy but when you feel a connection let it flow and have a sexy connection 
Show sides, Playful, fun and sexy. 
Be interested in them and be interesting. Ask them how they got started in their work. 
Be outrageous and think of sexy things on the date! 

Remember you are a Hot red headed goddess

What are 3 things that make you different from every other guy, the 3 things that make me different from every other girl. 
Show girlfriend vibe instead of friends when getting to that level. 
Learn to make sexy eyes. 
I can either tell you or show you what I am thinking. 
Do something together don't make it about you. 

Some of these can be future plans: 

Talk about plans together. 
If you try again you need to tell him he can trust you and show him you can trust him. Trust exercise. Start new. 
Hand around neck when kissing. 
Wear sexiest Lingerie. I am wearing my  sexiest Lingerie and I can't wait for you to see them :) 
Do something bold. Give them an experience. Go in for a kiss (maybe) 
Role play. What would we do the morning after we spend a night together? 
Mirror him. Move when he moves. Share with a guy that you can't wait to show them off! 
Set higher standards. 
Would you make me breakfast in bed? 
Stay classy like a steak (not a burger) you can serve it though with a naughty little side of fries :) 
Don't be abrasive and judgey 
Tell him two things about you and open up. 
With a life partner you have to be able to stimulate them physically, emotionally and mentally. 
Flaw: Its hard for me to let people do things for me I feel like I have to prove myself. 
Don't respond badly. Don't go to crazy place when you're scared. If I am scared then I need to make changes and put my energy in good ways. 
show him all the sides of you. 
Kiss his neck when you want to be kissed.
Don't put yourself down or point out flaws.

So while I will be spending the week ingraining that all into my brain (its actually not horrible advice I hadn't seen it in a long time and was wondering......

I will also be pampering myself so that I feel good. I have some home spa stuff to try. 

I also might pick up what I can in case that one though I had might happen. 

I am also stressing out what to wear magic castle yeah I can plan but the man follows me on facebook which means he has seen all my best outfits :/ 

I am excited for this date and meeting him and I am really hopeful that it does go well. 

I guess I just have to remember 

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