Friday, April 17, 2015

Perks of dating someone who is disabled.

Because lets be real. We're awesome!! 

Like no waiting in line for things: Disneyland, Movie Premiers, First in that dance club 

Of course you get the premo parking, my favorite perk with this though in this city is you don't have to pay for meters. Really its like I paid my share of the date you just paid for with my Golden Ticket of awesomeness.

One time with my ex we went to a nerdy convention of this nerd thing he was into and they had a raffle off of our badge numbers. Well I was one number off and you had to climb the stairs to get up so he was like "you should go up and think it was you and really sell it"

"yeah okay"

So I go really struggle up those stairs. Go to the guy hand him the badge upside down and say "Did I win???"

and when he said no sorry

He felt so bad he gave me $500 worth of free stuff

Yeah I am awesome!!!

and of course you have a glorious future of all the great stuff.

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