Monday, April 20, 2015

OMG you guys!!

With the current guy I've been talking to it all looked great on paper and we talked but sometimes that felt formal and rehearsed or that I was trying to hard. So I decided to just let it come naturally our conversations and if we go a few days without talking well thats okay.

I liked him he seemed cool but I was waiting to meet him (still are) to see how we connect that maybe that moment of I have a crush on you would happen.......

That moment was last night and it just hit me. We were texting and it started out the typical how is your trip going, how is that amazing bed you are sleeping in (this is much a topic of conversation for us clearly we are meant to be we both Love a good bed) some good banter and jokes back and forth.

Then he asked about my rough time on Friday....Here is the thing I spent all of last year and a half deciding not to date because my life was a huge mess and I didn't want to drag anyone through that. I wanted my shit to be together, I think you want to have the honeymoon portion you want to have that good before you face that bad together.

So after updating him I told him that and he said "you aren't, I care so I asked"

We've been joking around that he lives this fabulous amazing life and so that glided back to that.

Then we talked about the magic castle and I asked if he knew where to show me the haunted mansion stuff

he said yes.

I then told him this was my response and how much of a big nerd I happen to be.

and he told me I was adorable and that being a nerd was a good thing.

I said wait till I have told you ever useless fact about the place I loved and spent hours quoting things and going on and on and on about it, I also said he could tell me to shut about it anytime.

He told me that was really hot and I think I turned four shades of red and melted into a puddle of happiness into my bed.

I said you sir are making me blush.

Well I already find you attractive watching you be nerdy is icing on the cake

I realized that I like him back and I felt the same way and I was filled with those butterflies.

We went on to talk more about my passion and maybe planned another date (so many castles in my future if all goes well with this man)

Its been awhile since I had this feeling with a guy I met online because we usually just plan the date right away and then have to wait it out to see where it goes from there, with having to hold off this has given me the chance to remember the joys of liking someone.

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