Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gay's aren't perfect

While these two would have us believe otherwise this is something I realized lately.

I was talking to my gay friend Stephen about my dating troubles one day and he replied with

"I hate when guys don't answer back. Just be a man"

I thought gay guys have trouble with that too??

when I went to my best friends who is Bi we talked about this and she's like yeah its not a gay or straight thing, its a human thing. Humans suck to date.

Girls also tend to just be "ugh men, I'm becoming a Lesbian" again not going to solve any problems because the problems you have with guys can also be problems you have with girls. 


I texted my aunt to tell her my date was cancelled yesterday and her reply in typical fashion was 

"Ugh guys suck, get a gay best friend they are much better" 

While I have a fabulous gay friend I have also had horrible gay friends. Going out and finding a gay BFF is great but that shouldn't matter. My friends are just as amazing as helping me through this dating world whomever they chose to love. 

News Flash: 

Gay's aren't perfect! 

They're Human too!! 

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