Sunday, April 5, 2015

Finally a good message.....but a catch....

I see I got a new message and already his name has two things I like 

a certain military branch I know a lot about 

and Magic. 

Turns out he is a member of the magic castle and we had a ton in common!!

and he's super cute too!!

So what is the catch. While going to see what we don't agree on he doesn't think his girlfriend should live with guys. Well I do. In fact  I was just talking to my aunt about how living with other girls sucks. maybe I could make him see that

but he also doesn't think people should fart in front of each other, well uh it happens what am I supposed to do?

So we'll see what happens with these two deal breakers I don't know but I think my goal should at least be to get him to take me to the magic castle.

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