Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I'm pretty young looking. Always have been. I'm short and young looking. I'm also a fan of fun whimsical things and Disney. Things I never thought about until.......

After my big breakup and move I decided okay lets try this thing again. The first guy I met was a costumer. Cool I love costumes!!

He wanted to know about costumes I had made and I listed them off from Alice in Wonderland, Broadway show costumes, and a Slutty girl scout costume I had made in college (My gay friend and I at the time decided to go as as boy scout and girl scout because he wasn't allowed in because he was gay and in my small back woods town no scout leader wanted the disabled girl)

Costume guy seemed to focus on the Slutty girl scout part but I thought its because typically I go for costumes that are as close as possible as opposed to sexy.

He also asked me once if I had any underwear with Disney characters on them and I thought it was a joke at my love of Disney. I don't by the way.

We finally met and I made the stupid mistake of wearing my lion king musical shirt and inviting him to my house because he basically told me he liked me because I looked twelve............

Now this wasn't like I'm into Daddy kink stuff as some are this is I like twelve year olds. He noticed every childlike thing in my room and everything. We made out for a little bit and then he left and it all hit me how gross and scary it was.

I didn't contact him after that but he sent me a lot of text after that going

"Hi little girl"

This leads me to another thing about guys I don't understand there will be a handful of guys that you will have one date with or something and months later they will message you out of the blue, like you are just sitting around waiting for them.

Well this guy is relentless with this.  In February he friend requested me on facebook and sent me an email and it had been two years!!

I had one encounter with you do and it scarred me mentally.  I never answered you again, ITS BEEN YEARS! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I WANT YOU IN MY LIFE?????????

I woke up to another friend request on facebook this morning.

Here is a new annoying thing about Facebook is they can take your contacts from you phone now and so people that I just happen to have their number in there for years can now add me!

You save them of course so that if he decided to call then I can ignore him.

also a thing about facebook is knowing people have seen your message. Its heartbreaking to be the one to get no answer. I don't want to be that person. What if this dude makes me be that person?

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