Friday, April 10, 2015

Cheap and easy like Chili (Not really)

That was a line my high school crush referred to himself when we were discussing having a chili feed to raise money for the Theatre program. I always thought it was hilarious. 

The thing I know about online dating is people think you are an easy catch because you are disabled, while some scientist (who really what do they know about people skills) have told me over a peanut soup dinner party I hosted that it was in all in my head someone has actually told me this (also same guy feels if you leave a candy wrapper in his car you a disrespecting him)

anyways a guys messaged me once saying "I bet being disabled its hard for you to have friends or date people" he had a girlfriend but was in an open relationship and wanted to come over and cuddle. I never really wanted to talk to him but he was persistent in fact he messaged me awhile ago saying he is now single and still wants to thank you!

I woke up to messages from guys I have clearly ignored at the international sign of not interested, but I think really they think oh nice girl who is disabled I bet barely anyone messages her. While I may not get as many messages as say the pretty "normal" girl fake profile I made as a science experiment I would much rather weed out the weeds from the dating world flower bed to show off the beautiful flowers, and sometimes there is a lot of weeds.

Bachelor number one on this game show called "who can't take the hint first" has messaged me three times and I think we had certain plan to do something that clearly didn't interest me. Ugh move on.

Bachelor number two: Is the old musician guy checking in if I listened to his piece he made when he was 20. No dude if I had then I would of wrote with wow that was an amazing piece or some other comment you make when you show you care/are interested.

Bachelor number three: Wanted me to meet him for karaoke and it was a crazy weekend here not to mention I realized I am not comfortable doing that on a first date, missing a key and having your friends mock you....Missing a key and having this dude judge you. NO. THANK. YOU!!

Then he wanted to meet at a bar in Downey, DOWNEY? why Downey? Then I realized he lived in Irvine and maybe if I lived closer or when I work down there closer I will work that out but I am not going to travel miles from my comfort zone for a bad date, and you really have no guarantee in this dating game.

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