Sunday, April 5, 2015


My mom once said that the way my friends love me is proof I can be loved, I wasn't sure what she meant at the time but I come back to that again and again. I am very choosing with my friends so it would make sense that I am choosing with whom I date. 

I have a lot of guys friends and while I love the girls I am close to I sometimes find it hard to be friends with girls, I am working on this all the time. 

My roommates cousin is coming to live with us for two months and came to check it out this weekend and I am already not wanting her here. 

I live in a bachelor pad, its messy. I clean the best I can but the bright side for me is that if I clean up after them then I can choose where it all goes. 
She wants to come in and reorganize. She's buying all this new stuff when we have limited space and she wants me to watch her dog all the time. 

a lot of guys on the dating site have said they don't want to date a girl with a lot of close guys friends well thats not going to work for me pal. I can't deal with this girl whining about the water or the weird smell in the fridge. She spends money constantly and is very superficial. I know I shouldn't judge her and I am trying but its hard.  I think its because she has come into my safe space with no consideration for those of us that live in it. 

I also realized this weekend why meeting people in a bar doesn't work for me. I went to dinner with my roommate and the cousin and she asked I needed help in the car and when she called me special and I made the joke "I don't like being called Special" she thought I was crazy. This is how the world views me most of time. So I have to take great length to prove myself.

My roommate for years had wanted to go to this carnival down the street from our house every year so I agreed to go with him and it was the worst carnival 8 rides that all cost a ton of tickets to go on.

We did the swings first and I asked the guy running it if I could leave my canes with him. My roommate said maybe leave them outside the gate but I would rather not have someone steal those. I ended up being able to leave them near where I got on the ride. Well when the ride guy came to check seats he showed me how to buckle in and I just kept saying okay and he basically was talking to me like a child, yeah buddy I am smart. I should of thrown out some engineering terms. My roommate said I should of yelled the whole time on the swing "I wipe my own ass"

Then we had 4 tickets left which wasn't enough for the both of us to do anything and my roommate refused to give up so we decided to share a bumper car and that was fun.

I was mostly sad they didn't have elephant ears.

So this post to sum up was why I am friends with guys and that is staying and why i do online dating. Just so we're clear.

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