Monday, March 23, 2015

Worst date ever!

I just got home from the worst date ever. We went to a coffee shop but did we drink coffee? No. Did we drink water even. again no. We sat in this room filled with fake trees which was neat but it was dark and all the couches were huge and pretty much you would cuddle on them like all the couples around us but hey we were just meeting.

 He picked it as a place to sit and just talk like we were in a living room or something. I sat on the edge of the couch the whole time and at one point he was laying down with his feet on the table. The date started at 8:30 and I got home at 12:30 and he talked the WHOLE time about the dumbest stuff I had no interest in.

 oh and the best part at one point a waitress comes and breaks a plate with a cupcake near me and is worried it got on me and when cleaning it up starts talking about my legs being bare and I didn't understand so she finally said a disabled girl like you shouldn't have bare legs (gee lady thanks for making this super awkward night worse)

 He just went on and on blah blah blah and at one point he was playing with my canes like uh I don't know you don't do that and he was super awkward holding my hand. 

 I finally told him I was super tired and not giving him the attention he deserved and told him to take me home, he ran to the bathroom before and I leaned over to this girl and was like "I am on the worst date ever did you hear that guy he so annoying" and she's like I feel you but I date girls I don't even want to think about what its like to date a guy. I think I proved her point.

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