Thursday, March 26, 2015

What are you looking for?

Before you even get asked to sit through a date with someone you have the conversation and some of these can be awful

They ask horrible questions:

"How do you feel about being Disabled"

"What happened in your last relationship"

"How long have you been single"

"send me pics" (no thanks)

but the golden question today?

What kind of men do you like? Is there a preference?

While I don't make a list and sure there are things I would like to have I want to get to know someone and be surprised by them like I always say I don't think I will know what I was looking for until it smacks me in the face. 

But I realized watching Parks and Recs that I tend to go for Ben so I am just a Leslie Looking for her Ben 

so I told him Ben from Parks and Recs or Gus from Shameless (see earlier post)  I think this was a pretty solid answer . 

"I don't watch  either of those I watch Mad Men and House of Cards" 

Well while I like both of those shows I have dated enough Don's and Francis's so no thanks. 

Said in Snooty voice: 

"Well I only watch shows with Depth when I do watch tv which I don't really and my idea of 

comedy is Wes Anderson movies" 

I will have you know sir that Parks and Recreation is full of Depth and I mean come on Shameless speaks for its self. 

Pop culture snobbery is the worse. 

I am going to hold out for a Ben :) 

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