Monday, March 30, 2015

The Stoner

I don't smoke weed. Not my thing. Probably because my lungs suck to begin with why torture them more. Also I just have no interest.

I have friends that do and thats fine. Well in dating there are quite a few guys into it. I decided to give this one guy a chance but the difference between him and my friends became clear there is I get high sometimes and straight up stoner. Straight up fit every thing you would think of as me as a stoner like this is my life this is what defines me. That was this guy.

also he worked in a Pot shop and this was the 2nd guy ( the other worked in Porn) that I was like what would I tell my mom he does for a living?!??!?!?

But with some pushing from my roommate (someone wanted a hook up) I decided eh I will give this guy a shot. 

He picked that we should get sushi, now I have to explain something about me and my relationship with food. 

My Cerebral Palsy effects my hands which effects how I eat sometimes, I also choke often when I eat because the throat is a muscle (its no big deal I just always have to make sure I have a drink) 
I can feel self conscious eating in front of people because of it, it doesn't help that I had a abusive step dad who was mean about these things but anyways. 

I love Sushi but for me to eat it with you I have to trust you, I can't eat with chopsticks and well I also can't fit a whole piece of sushi in my mouth it can be quite the mess, My ex and I went out for Sushi once and the waitress slammed down a pile of napkins next to me (he understood my eating issues and always tried to help so we just laughed) but you get the picture.

So I didn't want to get Sushi on a first date but I did and It actually wasn't so bad and the conversation was good but then he worked called and he went out to be on the phone for awhile. 

We then tried to go to the Walt Disney Museum but its only open on Sundays. So I had mentioned that  I thought Mini Golf made the perfect date so we did that. 

Why Mini Golf, its an activity. I have had a lot of dates where we just sat on benches and talked and while that was fun if the conversation is boring well at least this way you can talk and have something to do. I also went on a date with a guy who I think had ADHD or something and couldn't sit still and chose to go to the mall (It was the middle school date I never went on but more on him later) It would of been better if we had say gone to the aquarium. 

Plus if they are sore loser this a good test. 

Have you seen the movie "no strings attached"? its one of my favorites! anyways we actually went to this golf course which is also one of my favorites. 

It was actually pretty fun and well I won!! I think it would of been even better with better company. 

Well in our talks prior to meeting he had said he had never seen Frozen and we should watch it sometime since I own it, I said sure meaning you know that this would happen down the road sometime after we got to know each other better. 

Well he wanted to come over now and I was unsure about this and made every excuse in the book but he was determined to watch Frozen! 

So he came over and watched Frozen and then left and when I retold my roommate he told it was a bad idea for me to date him. 


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