Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I love living in L.A. but it can get tiring. Like people who work in the biz. Now don't get me wrong I went to film school. I live with people in this business. Some of my closet friends are actors. I also have a great passion for film and all that comes with it.

Just sometimes........

I don't care about a guys thoughts on a film or that this one wasn't artsy enough for you or whose going to win the Oscar. 

I got so sick of L.A. I moved closer to the OC and loved making friends with people not in this world. I hate standing in line for Ice Cream and hearing people complain about this movie or so and so in the biz. 

and its even harder to date them. 

Its become common practice for me to come across the head shots on a profile, the name dropping of a celeb you are working with (I could care less anymore although my roommate delivers pizza to Adam Scott thats cool in my book) and the hours you spend on a shoot. 

I've gotten to the point where I love if you are a lawyer, nurse or work for Pepsi! 

I have heard of the photo shopped photos on profiles but I had yet to see this first hand 

a guy started talking to me and we really hit it off. He seemed like my type and he had amazing curly blonde hair (if you know me you know this is great) He asked me to grab lunch with him. 

I knew he worked in film and he had some head shots on his profile but as I approached him at the restaurant I was hit with dread! 

He looked NOTHING like his photos. Now this isn't that important looks don't matter but there are two things I think you have to have: chemistry and physical attraction and neither can be forced. 

Now let me explain something to you while most live by "age doesn't matter" I Do! 

My mother had me at 18 so over 10 years you could be my new daddy. 
No Thanks. 

Then my brother is 8 years younger then me. I remember sitting on a couch talking with friends in high school about how when we have younger siblings that tends to be the cut off and I think that is true. 

I have also realized that I want to have that bonding with someone over 
things we loved as a child, these are some of my favorite conversations. 

Who knows someone could come along and make me change that (doubtful) but anyways I just needed to explain that to explain this next part. 

My date looked so old as he was going on and on about the Texas Chainsaw massacre movie remake I was thinking in my head "now when was that made for you to be in college?" 

Okay so we weren't off to a good start and then......


I was down the street and wondering if I could have one of my roommates walk by and save me, but I had the salad might as well get it over with. 

The conversation was terrible and I kept just looking at him like what in the world. 

Then the check came and this is always and an awkward part of dating. I am always prepared to go dutch on dates.
 While some think you must .

I think its quite impressive to us girls if you pay, woe us a bit. 

Just some advice. 
The check will always be an awkward part though. 

anyways I am in the middle of telling some story hands in the air 

I see him keep glancing at the check but think nothing of it and he goes to the bathroom and I check his profile to see what age it says (its says 34 not sure if I believe it) 

He comes back and says 
"well you better go in and pay this" 

I go in and pay bid him goodbye and text my roommate to have whiskey waiting for me. I thought it wouldn't get worse and if you don't think it could either go read about my date 4 days ago. 

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