Thursday, March 26, 2015

Movies, Monogamous, and Mouthwateringsandwhich!

Most guys will instantly want to text you when they find your dating profile. This is annoying because: 

1. You have to have some random name for them because its likely you already have a friend with this name and you don't know their last name. 

2. This is also annoying because you will have countless guys that will just text you for 3 days and be done with you, I have so many useless numbers in my phone. 

3. Waiting for a text is the worst thing EVER!!

But on occasion you can have some great nights of texting. 

I started chatting it up with an IT guy 

(this has happened a lot lately and I have found IT guys can go two ways I can give you super cool information tell you about great sites and we can nerd out about tv shows or I am such a awkward nerd I am going to text you links you could care less about all the time, there is no inbetween) 

So this guy was the first and we started watching tv shows together and then I discovered my new favorite movie: 

What If 

I had wanted to see this move for awhile even though I tend to hate the: Girl becomes friends with guy already has boyfriend but realizes new friend is the one. 

It gives those that believe guys and girls can't be friends and lot of fuel and I hate those people. 


New favorite movie 

We bonded over this new awesome guy and I! 

and everyone should stop what they are doing right now and look up the Sandwich
Fools Gold 

anyways the thing that made me a bit unsure about this guy and it wasn't spelled out clearly (is it ever with guys?) was that he seemed to be into polyamorous relationships. 

Yeah not my thing, there is only room for one person here and I call dibs that it should be me! 

That seems to be more of trend lately and not one I am jumping aboard. No offense to any of you out there who  can do this, I just know I can't (did you read my last post) 

The one thing I love about okcupid is the quiz questions. Not all of them mind you but some of them are quite useful to get to the point for example if a guy thinks homosexuality is a sin well then I move on. I find this nice because if I were to be picked up in a bar well you might not find that out for awhile 10 points to you online dating. 

Now mind you not everything is black and white with these questions so I only really answer the important ones to me and if I am curious if I guy and I agree more then I might answer more of his but I try not to answer a lot of them I think I read online stick to 100 plus when I see some guy answered all of them its like woah life much? 

What I find interesting is almost every guy has an ex they would want to get back together with. I don't really know how I am supposed to feel about that. 

Well this guy never showed interest in going out with me and then double excuses happened.

this is when you know its never happening, his dog isn't just having a heart issues and dying but he also got a new job. 

Its probably for the best and well I now have a new favorite movie, sandwich, amazing web sites and this guy never got to hang out with me so......

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