Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lets talk about the dreaded photo

Choosing photos is hard. I get it. I think you want to show off your best assets and this can be even harder when dealing with a physical Disability.

What I like to do is show off some different things I can do for example: 
 For my profile I always pick a favorite of mine and the one most close to what I look like now, for instance I plan on chopping my hair off soon and so I will then have to update my profile photo. 

Then the others go as: 

Me with friends, me doing something people wouldn't think maybe I could do because of my disability, doing something I love,  having fun out with friends. Full body shots are good so people see you aren't hiding something and for a long time I never had photos with my canes in them and now I do because lets be real here people don't always read your profile but they will always look at your photos. 

Pick photos that make you feel good: 

Don't worry there is always going to be assholes but don't listen to them 

This guy came on my profile and said 

"so you're handicapped" 

Me: Well I don't like that term but yes 

Him: well just so you know you'll never find anyone on here. 

I went on his profile and he had a list of 50 things he DIDN'T want in women 

Whose not going to find someone? 

(I reported his ass) 

Now let me tell you something as a person that wants to be seen for more then just a girl with a disability I get it, look aren't everything. 

but they are important you have to have physical attraction. If you don't well its not going to work well for you. 

We all do this. 

I used to hate that I got passed up because I might have a disability but you know what its okay if someone can't handle that I get it, I may not be attracted to these following photos I see: 

IF you haven't written anything or only have one photo (or no photos hello married much?) then yeah pass. 

I have also had guys use the we focus too much on looks so thats why I don't have any photos. Well I have to find you hot if I am going to date you. END. OF. STORY. 

If they are too good looking and they know it based on their photos I know when I am out of my league 

Sometimes I pass people based on percent of match but then I check and if they are just dumb and checked the wrong box I give them a shot I'm nice like that. 

if they are literally making the same face in every photo I mean common I deserve someone with a much stronger selfie game! 

and if you just don't think they are your type thats okay too!!! 

and sometimes you can give someone a chance and find them more attractive the more you get to know them while talking to them. 

and honestly never worry about what people say about you, people are mean and not everyone will like your looks but someone will. 

This is just one rough bridge to cross to getting your happy ending 

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