Monday, March 23, 2015

Just Friends

I got asked out on another date I was unsure about it (although weirdly those have been the best ones lately) I got all dolled up and in a nice dress and everything :)

Well on my profile being someone with a physical disability and I know the stereotypes that come along with that I make sure to highlight some of the things I do to prove that I am not just someone who stays and home and is looking for a caregiver.

One of the things I do and have an interest in is Women's arm wrestling

Yeah its kinda awesome. Now its not as athletic as one would think.

We do bouts about 3 times a year. I like to call us the WWF of feminist arm wrestling, and the reason that I make mention is because though the arm wrestling is real, we put equal if not more emphasis on the theatricality and social justice elements of the event. We promote strong women and raise money for battered women's charity it is more about a character and having fun then winning.

So this guy messages me saying he is also a male arm wrestler and I already know the way I compete and he competes is different but I agree to meet with him, I pick pizza because worse case unlike the bbq place  I get pizza and my love for pizza is forever.

I was nervous meeting him but once he got there we really hit it off!!!

Then he tells me he is separated and going through and divorce but then he announces that he is just looking for friends on the dating site.

You're on okcupid to make friends?

What? HUH? WHY??? Can't you meet people through facebook or meetup or something. Well there went my hot date outfit.

He did mention that he doesn't believe in medication and this weirdly has come up on my dates. This is a hard one for me because the medications I take aren't just for shits and giggles it actually makes my life better, and sure could I maybe find other ways of going about taking care of myself sure but right now I don't want to have to worry about that or make drastic changes to my life so for now I make the choice with the help from my doctor, which last time I checked wasn't you!

More on this later though.

So we spent the rest of the night talking as friends and him trying to convince me that I should take my arm wrestling to the next level.

So that was fun......

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