Friday, March 27, 2015

It takes a village.

as sex and the city and other great tv shows have taught us its that having great friends is VERY important to surviving the dating world.

I am heading to one of my best friends house for the weekend to catch up, I always feel better when I talk to her

But my friends are a huge part of my dating life.

First of all this is code and that goes for my guy friends as well. They've been in my life longer then you have and who knows they might be the ones who are there long after the guy is gone. 

They are there with me through every bad date story.

also here is a tip for you ladies I have five friends and my two roommates who are the Emergency Date Plan. 

We have a code word and if said word is used they call and if I don't pick up they (mostly my roommates) will come looking for me. 

One friend I email all the information on the guy that I have. 

Everyone knows where we plan on going. 
I would suggest you do this.

Now while its important to listen to your friends some advice can be bad and you should go with your gut. I have one friend I call her my voice of reason so find your voice of reason and go with her, and be careful with others advice. 

My best friend is my Hetrosexual life mate and as long as I have them its going to be okay. 

Sure we all want love that is why we do this. 

But your friends love you and that love is proof. 

'Maybe we can be each other’s soul mates. And then we can let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with.'

I also think its important to see his friends. I have dated two anti-social guys and it just doesn't work for me I am too much of a social butterfly. I want the dinner parties, the board game nights, the double dates. 

Plus one guy was like yeah if you had a birthday party I wouldn't come I don't like people

Oh awesome. 

and these people also tend to be very selfish I have found and well one was just an asshole. 

Dating can also take a toll on a girl. Its a hard world and your friends are going to give you the confidence to keep going. 

Even if its because they want to hear all your great dating stories and read your blog

Love you guys!!! 

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