Monday, March 23, 2015

Gingers can't date each other

Or so my latest date would have you believe. I have had the thought in the past that society or us red heads find it odd. I personally have dated guys with red hair before I also have this thing for a red haired guy that *sigh* sadly lives no where near me.

anyways on to this date. He was a huge fan of BBQ and decided that is what we should do!

I love BBQ so I was pretty excited and if a date is bad but the food is good I still call that a win in my book!! 

Well we went to this place that you have to get everything separately. I hate places like that FYI 

He didn't want to get any sides (granted I could eat a bucket of fries on my own but no sides it was) and so I literally was just eating a slab of ribs, weird. Also the drink menu was awful at this place so I decided to not get a drink which he said he was judging me for and drank his beer.

"I have never dated another girl with red hair this is so weird"

Funny side story I logged on to the dating site yesterday to realized he had gone to bathroom to reread my profile, guess he wanted to remember what we could talk about.

"I can't believe this two gingers on a date together"

Well so after we ate the one item on our plates and he finished is beer it was this "what do we do now" I think I finally through out coffee and he said lets walk somewhere, okay. He looked up a Starbucks and we headed that way.

"I've never dated someone with a disability or red hair so I am not really sure what to do"

One point on the walk he was like "Its really hard to walk as slow as you it takes a lot of work" oh wow thanks buddy and I tried to be all light hearted about it like "one of my good friends always said it was nice he could stop and smell the flowers"

"This is all so new to me, and you have red hair"

Well after walking 7 blocks and no Starbucks in sight I happen to see this random market and people drinking coffee outside of it. "Lets get coffee here!!" Please say yes I don't want to awkwardly walk with you anymore.  I got a Ginger Latte and talked about being a big ginger fan and well of course:

"A Ginger who loves Ginger"

 We sat and had coffee and there was nothing to talk about so once the drinks were finished we walked back to the car.

Lots of awkward conversation and at one point he tells me about all the friends he told about this date and the comments they had which range from don't eat bbq on a first date to you should totally hit that......Then he tells me I should go to the gym and convince the guys I can use the equipment and see there reaction

"I go to the gym all the time"

"what how?"

Well okay yeah now I feel awkward.

In the car ride back he made fun of me for saying Smithsonian wrong (did I even?) and then there is always that end of the date where you both wonder if were going to do this again and so I asked (in hopes not) and he said yeah for sure its not like I am not going to date you because you have Cerebral Palsy.

Oh and I almost left my handicapped parking thing in his car......ugh then date number two would have to happen.

Thanks Buddy.

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