Tuesday, March 24, 2015

annoying gnats, cockroaches, and crickets. Dating can really bug a girl.

                                    I have gone on 10 dates in the past two months.

most of them have been annoying little gnats who makes it painful to sit through the meal and then continue to text you after painful meal the most obnoxious things.

I could care less about this internet link you've sent me.

Oh you want to tell me more about science, sports, or the great outdoors but god forbid I make a quote from my favorite tv show.

I don't care about what you've done in Hollywood or the name dropping you do. 

Then there are the Cockroaches. The people you can't believe you are on a date with. People who order for you. People with photo shopped photos. People you spend the date on the phone with their drug dealer.  People like I have posted about before. 

It makes you realize how hard it is for those of us looking for a good guy 

I do have a good gay friend and I have to say I feel comfort in the fact that we bond over this.  Sad but true. 

and after all this and realizing how hard it is you think about giving up, but this guy has been trying really hard to go on a date with you and so you give in. 

The day comes and you clean up a bit (not as much as normal) you walk down to the coffee shop just saying to yourself just get this over with. 

You get there you grab your ice teas and you talk and its amazing! You are connecting. You are attracted.

You can talk and its the date you've been waiting for. 

although funny story when this dream date heads for the restroom a guy leans over and ask if its our first time meeting and I say "yeah" 

He says sorry to tell you this but he's gay. you have great chemistry but he's gay. 
I then shoot a text to everyone so that they can laugh at the craziness. 

I wish I had said something along the lines of well good thing because I am actually a man. 

Dear Crazy guy if you ever read this he's not gay. 

Two large Ice Teas and Four hours later we decide to grab ice cream and ice cream led to making out. Perfect Date! 

I also felt it was everything I had been waiting for my whole life. The great date. The way he kissed me.  The way we cuddled as we talked it was everything I had been hoping would work with other guys, stuff I thought wasn't real here it was. Also our viewpoints and agreements on a lot were the same here was a guy that just "Got it" and sure we have differences but they were good differences. 

We made plans for that weekend and for the first time I was excited the hope and possibility filled the air.

The weekend comes and something comes up. I understand. Then I tried keeping contact.

Then I tried keeping contact.

How are you?

Do you want to go see a movie?

Hey here is the link to that tattoo place I told you about.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves with guys instead of being honest or coming up with some lame excuse they ignore you, although in this case maybe that would of been better because I still heard from him from time to time but nothing as far as getting together.

The sting from the rejection I can handle.

You tell yourself screw him you will move on but here is the thing that comes with this radio silence: The pain of sitting here and picking every little thing apart not knowing what I did wrong.....thats going to go on for awhile.

As my good friend says:

WTF just be a man and say hey I'm scared of having the time of my life and falling in love and being happy.

My friends that is what now brings us to the worst bug in the dating world: Crickets.

Not. Hearing. Back.

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