Friday, March 27, 2015

all dressed up.

Dressing for a date used to be super stressful for me. 

If you are nervous I suggest pinterest 

I have a board for not only a to do list that can help you pick a date place 

(hey if its bad at least you finally got to try the place with great pie) 

anyways I also have a board for makeup and hair ideas which is a good go to and I have one for not just clothes I want to buy but inspiration where I can be like 

"hey I never thought of pairing that together" 

and so thats helpful for dates. 

But honestly wear what you feel good in!! 

If you feel good then that is going to show! 

I am a girl who likes dresses but I like it casual to so I pair them together. 

Wear what you want! 

I would also say plan based on what you are doing and maybe go off a little of what you know about the guy. 

One date told me he likes girls in leggings so I took that. 

One guy took me on a date in a convertible so I put my hair back

If its just coffee don't over do it. 

and if you have no clue go Lorelai Gilmore 

Now when it comes with my disability I worry about shoes and if we will be doing a lot of walking but I think flats are great all around if you aren't sure.

My main concern is what kind of car they drive. If its something I have to climb into I want to make sure I don't flash them :)

But just ask them what kind of car they drive you can make it seem like you are asking like you want to know what to look for.

Makeup and hair just go with what you like. I like to rock red Lipstick :)

and if you don't want to do that at least try and smell good 

Tip for guys

I love when my dates smell good.

Come to think of it I love when things smell good in general. 

also listen to Ed Sheeran's album Multiply he has some lyrics like

"You look so wonderful in that dress" 

"You don't need makeup" 

It makes a girl feel good. 

Beyonce is also good too 

I actually used to watch Girl Code as I got ready ha! 

To sum this up don't stress and just do what you like and it will come shining through. 

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