Saturday, August 31, 2013

How I see myself

As I wake each morning my chest rises and for a brief, singular, terribly short moment I'm still the girl in my dreams, the girl that doesn't need canes to walk. The girl that kills zombies, always kisses the guy, and isn't disabled and I want to live in that moment - when the sun’s ray are peering shyly into my windows, and the blankets feel like an extension of my skin, why am I not still sleeping.. I want to wrap myself in it’s comfort and lust after it like a hormonal teenage boy. My mind spins and I wonder what it’s like to make a good first impression. I wonder what it feels like to hold someone’s hand without first worrying about what to do with my other cane. I spend my life looking forward to the foggy, drool soaked moment after dreaming all night.

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