Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How do I find the good ones?

What is with guys and dating now a days? I mean even before they get the date its "hey can we text because its easier?" gee way to put effort into getting to know me and then once I give in and send them the digits they want some half naked photos of me, even the guy that claimed to be a virgin (course maybe thats all he can get)

Then I finally get the guy and we talk and talk and talk. He lives a couple hours from me but doesn't want to drive down so he wants us to have a skype date, seriously? Skype dates are cute if you are like hours and I am talking like being in Washington state and California or I just told one of my friends who the girlfriend is moving to San Fran in a couple weeks about my skype dates and they are going to try that but seriously a couple hours, I am not worth your time or gas money or something?

Then of course there have been the horrible dates I have actually gone on......UGH!

I just want the dinner, the laughing, the talking, the walk on the beach on the sunset and before that I want to be charmed and won over!! I am an old fashioned girl damn it!!

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