Saturday, August 31, 2013

How I see myself

As I wake each morning my chest rises and for a brief, singular, terribly short moment I'm still the girl in my dreams, the girl that doesn't need canes to walk. The girl that kills zombies, always kisses the guy, and isn't disabled and I want to live in that moment - when the sun’s ray are peering shyly into my windows, and the blankets feel like an extension of my skin, why am I not still sleeping.. I want to wrap myself in it’s comfort and lust after it like a hormonal teenage boy. My mind spins and I wonder what it’s like to make a good first impression. I wonder what it feels like to hold someone’s hand without first worrying about what to do with my other cane. I spend my life looking forward to the foggy, drool soaked moment after dreaming all night.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

This photoshoot is about non-disabled people’s reactions to a relationship between a non-disabled and a disabled person - title translates as “What is HE doing with HER???” People’s refusal to think a non-disabled person is genuinely attracted to a disabled person

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How do I find the good ones?

What is with guys and dating now a days? I mean even before they get the date its "hey can we text because its easier?" gee way to put effort into getting to know me and then once I give in and send them the digits they want some half naked photos of me, even the guy that claimed to be a virgin (course maybe thats all he can get)

Then I finally get the guy and we talk and talk and talk. He lives a couple hours from me but doesn't want to drive down so he wants us to have a skype date, seriously? Skype dates are cute if you are like hours and I am talking like being in Washington state and California or I just told one of my friends who the girlfriend is moving to San Fran in a couple weeks about my skype dates and they are going to try that but seriously a couple hours, I am not worth your time or gas money or something?

Then of course there have been the horrible dates I have actually gone on......UGH!

I just want the dinner, the laughing, the talking, the walk on the beach on the sunset and before that I want to be charmed and won over!! I am an old fashioned girl damn it!!