Monday, July 1, 2013

a little girl power.

I gather inspiration from all kinds of things. This year has been rough but from what I gained is a lot of self worth and great girl friends! So here are some of the unlikely things that have helped me over a breakup and a little girl power.

The show girls always helps me feel a little more girl power. I watched the 2nd season right after my breakup at my best friends house and it helped. Now I am re-watching it after some time and seeing it in a different light and it still inspires me.

The movie for a good time call....

what you say yeah. Sure you think that movies is going to be what is implied but deep down its about a great friendship and how you can't judge someone which I feel judged everyday and it helped me finally be okay with some of the negative things a certain boy may of said in his hurtful break up email.

It also shows that people can grow and change. I plan to watch it now whenever I have a bad day.

and of course there is a long list of girl power songs but this is the most recent.

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