Thursday, May 16, 2013

When things appear in a dream

I'm known for having really weird dreams.

Post my breakup I had a really vivid dream about meeting my ex's mother and step dad. We had lunch and then we went to this tree house where she told me that he missed me a lot and that she hoped we would work it out (all that stuff) I woke up intrigued by it. Couldn't find any meanings in dreaming such things and then realized that I was suppose to go Whale watching with him and his parents to meet them and it was probably around that time that I was suppose to.

The other day I was on Pinterest and going through things I might want to check out in Long Beach (you've seen the post you know) and I came across this tree house, the tree house from my dream!!! Like CRAZY I had to go check it out I said only whoever posted it lied about its Location and its 4 hours from me in Northern California :( but now I feel like I have to go see it someday so I will add it to the to-do list and plan a road trip or something.

anyways isn't weird how you never before know about something see it in a dream and realize its really real?

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