Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What it comes down to....

I need a guy that knows how to make me show off the Big smile, who I will look at with sparkling mischief in my eyes he tells me are the most beautiful eyes he's seen. The one that causes my shoulders to shake with laughter all the time. The one that causes my nose to scrunch up as he tells me something kinda gross. Legs that tangle with mine when we fall asleep together watching a movie on the couch. Hands that fit perfectly with mine.

And an ass that doesn’t quit. Just kidding. It’s not about looks. Really. I’ve been shallow. I’ve fallen for “beauty” before brains. But when I discover that we can’t laugh because he doesn’t get my jokes or there’s no appreciation for late night conversations that spill into sunrises, when he doesn’t challenge me and ends up making me feel a little bit like an idiot, when he can’t render me speechless with his wit and intellect…suddenly that “hot” guy with the done up hair and carefully styled outfit is nothing but a boring, empty shell.

I’m not saying that outer appearance doesn’t affect me. I’m human. We all are, but at the end of the day, someone who is amazing on the inside will radiate an energy that makes them beautiful to anyone worth a damn.

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Pablo Pacca said...

Funny I've never thought I'd find you. I'm about your age, and I've got CP just like you (no canes tough). Maybe I'm stupid, but it's like I finally havê someone whose answers to my questions won't be just an abstraction exercise. I've also have a blog, but I ended up talking mostly about the oddities of living with a disability in the midst of an able-bodied world. I don't like to play the victim card, because in a way it even works against my own mood. On the other hand I often feel I'm missing out critical time windows in life, not necessarily because of disability, but because of what the world out there makes of it. I often get concerned about the extra difficulty in finding someone to love and that loves me back (with which I've actually been quite successful in the last 3 years). That really trigger some self-worth swings, but for me life as a professional is the worst. Wonder if you wanna have a chat one of these dàys. It would mean a lot to me since I've always existed in able-bodied environments, and Google feels like the hardest of them to navigate ever. Thanks for reading! Best,